A0 – Three bedroom apartment with separate kitchen and two toilets. Private parking

Offers maximum capacity for 8 guests.

Apartment is located in the center of Brno on Kopečná 3 street.

More information about the location and equipment you will find here.


First bedroom offers double bed and one more single bed.


In the other bedroom there are three beds. Can be used as one double and one single or three singles.


There is also third room where there is a living room with a large dining table and TV. 


The third bedroom offers also two more single beds. The bed corner can be closed, if needed.

The kitchen is fully equipped – microwave, hob, kettle, refrigerator, all the kitchen equipment. There is a table for six guests in the 3rd living room, above. 


There is a firs bathroom offering a shower corner and toilet. 


The second toilet. 

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Apartment Vodni

Vodní 1a
Brno 602 00

tel.: +420722275337
e-mail: info@vcentrubrna.cz

St. James' Square Apartment

Jakubské nám. 7
Brno 602 00

tel.: +420722275337
e-mail: info@vcentrubrna.cz


Apartment Voyages

Jakubské náměstí 6
Brno 602 00

tel.: +420722275337
e-mail: info@vcentrubrna.cz

Apartment Kopecna

Kopecna 3
Brno 602 00

tel.: +420722275337
e-mail: info@vcentrubrna.cz